Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 2 : Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology in medicines

When I first heard about nanotechnology, the most interesting thing that captured my attention was its potential in medical uses. At that time I thought the illustration of the application was a bit cheesy; thousands or millions of nanobots fighting evil-looking germs in human body, however, after reading an article about nanotechnology in medicine application, I realized that the illustration was pretty close to actual application, or even more awesome.

One of the applications currently being developed is associated with nanoparticles that can deliver drugs to specific cells, and researchers say it can help cancer patients by delivering chemotheraphy drugs more accurately and directly, and also the technology can be an effective way of defeating viruses and treating brain injuries. Furthermore, cell repairing nanorobots that can be programmed and function in a similar way to antibodies in our natural healing processes are going to be used in a near future, according to Bachelet, previously of Harvard's Wyss Institute and faculty member at Israel's Bar-llan University.

-Nanobots that are being developed by Wyss Institute-

The most fascinating aspect about the use of nanotechnology in medicine for me was not only about its effectiveness but also the possibility of reducing the cost medical treatment. Right now I can only imagine people simply going into a pharmacy and buying a pill that has nanobots inside to cure cancer or HIV, but I am still excited to see where the current developments' progress is and how close it is to make my imagination become a reality.

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